Inspection Reports

An Excellent School

We have recently been inspected by the ISI, February 2016, and could not be more pleased with the results. Bramley School was awarded Excellent in all eight inspection areas.


Paula Burgess, Headmistress, commented:

“It is hugely satisfying to know that the hard work of the teachers, staff, governors and parents involved in the school has been so well recognised by our ISI inspection. We believe the report – which ranks every aspect of the school as ‘excellent’ – will give both current and prospective parents the confidence that their daughter will achieve an education that is second to none.  Indeed, in the verbal feedback immediately before formal feedback to governors, the Inspector used that very phrase when talking about the school.  We place equal importance on the academic, social, cultural and moral strengths of each girl in the school and this was recognised by the ISI inspectors.”

“We have a particular passion to ensure girls are empowered and become confident individuals, able to meet the diverse challenges they will face in the years ahead. We pride ourselves on finding and nurturing the talents of every single girl and ensure they reach their personal and academic potential so that they can become great change makers of the future.  And this certainly came to the fore during the inspection.”

Reinforcing the importance of the inspection in giving parents clear guidance on the quality of Bramley, Chair of Governors, Mike Webb, added:  “Having been immersed in every aspect of the Bramley ethos for four consecutive days, the Inspectors clearly understood the approach taken to ensure girls are developed to their full potential.  In their verbal feedback to the school’s leadership team and the Board of Governors they said Bramley was ‘a fabulous school’ with ‘inspirational leadership’.  These comments should give parents – existing and prospective – the confidence that the absolute best is being achieved in every aspect of the school.”

Key points highlighted by the ISI inspectors were:

  • ‘Pupils of all abilities are highly successful in their learning and personal development and the school effectively meets its aims.’
  • ‘Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) make substantial progress in all areas of learning, including their personal and physical development.  Children in Reception can count confidently and accurately in twos, fives and tens.’
  • ‘Pupils are confident and independent with particularly well developed skills in literacy and numeracy.’
  • ‘They benefit from an excellent curriculum; its breadth and richness prepares them thoroughly for their senior school.’
  • ‘The strong focus on sport and physical education (PE) makes good use of the school’s facilities and helps to keep children fit and healthy.’
  • ‘Pupils show excellent attitudes to learning.’
  • ‘Teaching is excellent overall.  Teachers’ planning is meticulous and thoroughly takes into account pupils’ needs and interests.’
  • ‘The pupils’ personal development is excellent’

The unanimous support of the parents was also acknowledged by the inspection: ‘Parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the school as shown in the almost entirely positive responses to the pre-inspection questionnaire.  They unanimously agree that their children are making good progress and that high standards of behaviour are achieved.’