Sports & PE

Our aim is that all girls enjoy their physical education and experience a wide variety of sporting activities during their time at Bramley.  The girls will establish habits of participation in competitive play and have an understanding of the benefits of physical activity and sportsmanship which will last a lifetime.

All children in Little Bramley and Reception work towards the British Amateur Gymnastic Association awards. Individual and paired routines are taught, incorporating floor work and apparatus within curriculum time. In addition, dance, ball skills and game play are developed in lessons. Both year groups have their Sports Day in the Summer Term, followed by a family picnic in the Early Years garden.

In Year 1 and Year 2, the British Amateur Gymnastics Awards for 5 – 11 years are taught within curriculum time. Floor and apparatus work is taught in lessons. The girls continue to work on dance and more advanced games and ball skills through Netball specific skills and drills.  Teamwork, gameplay and working with others is ingrained throughout lessons.

From Lowers through to Tops, more advanced skills are learnt and the girls learn competitive game play. In the Autumn and Winter terms, fitness for sport, pop lacrosse, hockey and netball are played.  All girls participate in a varied dance syllabus and enjoy performing set dances through rhythmic gymnastics and country dancing during enrichment activities. The girls also work towards the All England Netball Association awards and the British Gymnastics awards.  In the Summer term, Rounders, Tennis and Athletics are taught. The girls work towards the English Schools Athletic Award scheme which encourages personal achievement in a wide variety of track and field events.

In addition to the PE curriculum, further opportunities are provided for the girls to extend their sporting prowess and achieve success for their house as well as the school.

Girls compete in inter-house competitions throughout the year including Netball shooting, Cross-country, Tennis, Athletic activities and Rounders.

There are opportunities for girls in Lowers, Middles, Uppers and Tops to take part in Netball, Hockey, Cross country, Athletics, Tennis and Rounders matches throughout the year.

The annual Sports Day is a fantastic morning with all girls from Lowers to Tops competing in a range of specialist and fun events for all the family. Girls are rewarded with medals and certificates to celebrate their success.

Specialist sports coaches provide morning, lunch and after-school activities including Ballet, Tap, Yoga, Tennis and Gymnastics. Bramley enter two gymnastics events in the Spring Term for selected girls from lessons and gymnastics clubs.


At Bramley we believe all students should be rewarded for their individual success whatever their level of sporting achievement, whether in lessons, at fixtures or outside of the classroom.

Talented girls in Uppers and Middles are identified throughout the year and are invited to an additional extended training session before school. The aim of the club is to work toward sport scholarship programmes and facilitate the development of more advanced techniques and key skills. Training will include sport specific fitness sessions as well as advanced techniques in Netball, Hockey and Gymnastics.

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