The girls begin their study of French at the age of four.

Our French course aims to make the language fun and exciting but also to give them excellent linguistic skills for their future learning.

To begin with, children become familiar with the French language through songs, rhymes and stories.   In Year 3, they continue to develop their speaking skills and also to acquire skills in listening, reading and writing.  By the time they reach Year 5, their vocabulary and knowledge of basic structures is secure enough to begin work on more serious grammar.  They learn to conjugate verbs in the present tense and to manipulate the infinitive in sentences.  They are encouraged to use as many adverbs and adjectives as possible to enhance their work, remembering the agreements!  In Year 6, they continue to develop their sentences and they learn the perfect tense so that when they leave Bramley, they are already able to communicate in a variety of tenses, and with confidence!

The girls in the top three classes are able to benefit from a five-day study visit to France, which takes place every three years.  We also frequently invite French theatres into school to perform for the girls in the target language.

Spanish Club offers Bramley girls an introduction to the Spanish language and culture.

The emphasis is on learning the language in a fun way. Learning tools include songs, rhymes, lively games & role-play.

The girls always look forward to their end of term “fiesta” where they get to taste some delicious Spanish food!!

The Club is open to all girls in the school from Year 2 up to Tops. The Club runs on a Thursday & a Monday lunchtime depending on the year group.

Girls in Tops at Bramley are given an introduction to Latin.

The main aim of the course is to give the girls the skills needed to learn any language. They learn about how the parts of speech work in Latin, about conjugations and declensions and about how Latin vocabulary appears in everyday words in our own language, all in a fun and dynamic atmosphere that includes acting and songs, as well as more traditional translating and learning vocabulary by heart.

The course also aims to give pupils an introduction to the culture of Roman Britain and they will learn about everyday life and myths of the time.

The course should help them to deepen their knowledge of their own language, prepare them for learning new languages at senior level and beyond, and hopefully encourage them to continue in their Latin studies.

French Trip 2016

Middles, Uppers and Tops trip to Château du Broutel in Rue, Somme

“Mrs Abbott, when will we find out what room we’re in?”

This was all I heard in the run-up to the trip…and on the coach, and on the ferry, in fact, all the way until the five minutes before we arrived when I made the announcement that they had all been waiting for!  Were they worried about home sickness, or how to organise themselves away from home?  Of course not!  For most of the girls, this was at least their third residential trip and they were all desperately excited.

Château du Broutel is the most welcoming place I have ever been for a school trip.  It is also incredibly well-organised and staffed…and the food is delicious, which is always a bonus for staff as well as girls!   Situated in 40 acres of beautiful grounds on the edge of the small historical town of Rue, the château itself dates back to 1714.  It is the perfect setting for five days of exhausting but rewarding excursions and activities.

Among our many trips was one to Etaples market where the girls’ desire to snap up copious bargains soon took precedence over their hesitation in speaking French.  “C’est combien?” rang out loud and clear to every stall owner along the way!  Several girls had to overcome their fear of being underground and in an enclosed space during our visit to the Grottes de Naours (underground caves) and were justifiably proud of themselves afterwards.   Their breath was taken away for different reasons when they gazed up at the awe-inspiring cathedral in Amiens.  Their tour of Rue included not only a church, a museum and a view of one of the façades used in the Harry Potter films, but also a very popular stop in the café where they had to put their French to good use once again!  The beautiful seaside town of Berck hosted perhaps the most popular visit, a local sweet shop, where they learned how to make sweets by hand and many of them declared that they had found “a little piece of heaven” here!  Also on the itinerary were a wheat farm, a goat farm (where they managed to follow and understand the whole tour in French) and a snail farm, where they both held and sampled the local delicacy.

There was a range of evening entertainment including Château Olympics, pétanque, songs around the camp fire, scavenger hunts and a special birthday party for Rosie and Jemima.

As for their rooms, were they happy with the allocation?  They were too busy to think about it!

Mrs Abbott

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