English is seen as a vitally important subject in its own right, and as an essential tool for learning in all the other subjects. We aim to establish fluency in reading as early as possible and to encourage the enjoyment of reading through our own reading scheme and, later, books from the school library. A firm foundation in phonics is given and careful attention is paid to spelling and handwriting throughout the school.

The ability to write imaginatively and with clarity is an invaluable skill. This is developed through the process of writing in as many forms as possible – stories, poems, letters, accounts of pupils’ own experience, magazine articles and so on.

Basic rules of grammar and punctuation are taught rigorously, and then extended, in the higher years, with advanced skills.

A wide variety of children’s literature is studied – novels, poems and plays – in order to inspire the pupil’s own writing and develop their comprehension skills.

Through discussion, debate, formal talks and drama within the classroom as well as regular performances on stage – both formal and informal – pupils develop into attentive listeners and confident, articulate speakers.

Other Subjects: