Every girl is encouraged to become confident and proficient in all aspects of Mathematics as required in the National Curriculum, Common Entrance and Senior School examinations. We aim to foster a love for learning mathematics and to develop an ability to problem solve and learn independently.

Lessons are focused on real-life situations as far as possible so that the girls understand the relevance of Mathematics to their every day lives.

Considerable time is given to the development of mental strategies, a precursor to the more formal written methods. This allows girls to acquire a good understanding of concepts involved and to become confident in their own ability to make sensible choices.

Girls are encouraged to become problem-solvers and to develop an inquiring mind. The ability to think logically and persevere is developed in each girl so that they can see a problem through to its conclusion. As mathematical skills develop, girls have increasing tools and knowledge which they can then apply to more complex problem solving.

Through careful planning and teaching, the work is differentiated to meet the needs of each girl and a variety of activities are chosen to reinforce concepts and skills. Lessons throughout the school include mental, practical, written and computer-based elements and the Collins Busy Ant Maths scheme is currently used as the framework. Published schemes are continually evaluated to ensure the girls are provided with the best possible resources.

The older girls are prepared thoroughly for Entrance Examinations to Senior Schools so that girls are able to progress to a school of their choice.

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