Creative Arts

Art provides an opportunity for practical work, both in two and three dimensions.  Pupils are exposed to a wide range of materials.  Themes and projects are closely linked to artists’ work and an understanding of Art History, as well as cross-curricular and cultural studies.

Pupils are encouraged to use direct observation and to research, develop and evaluate their own ideas using appropriate resources.  Art aims to offer inspiration and interest through an enthusiastic and enjoyable approach.

Drama is an integral part of the curriculum from Little Bramley, through Pre-Prep and up to the girls’ final year.  All girls are encouraged to perform from an early age through assemblies, concerts and productions which run throughout the academic year

Many girls opt for specialist Speech and Drama lessons, which allow them to prepare for the LAMDA exams taken each year.

All girls are given the opportunity to enjoy making music at an early age. This is achieved through singing, learning to read music, playing descant, treble and tenor recorders and accompanying songs with percussion instruments and drums. There are two choirs, Junior (6-8 years) and Senior (8-11 years) which meet once a week, when part singing is introduced.  The Choirs often perform in concerts and festivals.

Girls are also encouraged to compose and perform their own compositions.

Instrumental lessons are offered to girls from Reception onwards.  Girls choose from piano, flute, clarinet, violin and electric violin, cello, ukulele, guitar and electric guitar.

Pupils are taught to design and make products through the development and understanding of practical craft skills in areas such as woodworking, model making, sewing and cooking.

The Design and Technology programme offers children stimulating opportunities and challenges through the practical application of knowledge and skills often gained in other curriculum areas such as Science or Mathematics. Individual ideas are developed and realised through the process of designing and making, and an awareness of the design technology of existing products is promoted through investigation, disassembling and evaluating.

Although much of the work is conducted in groups, individuals are taught to acquire and apply specific skills, knowledge and concepts, leading to a high level of design and technology ability. It sometimes presents another springboard to increased confidence as it often offers a different set of exciting challenges to more traditional subjects.

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